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What is Savvy Science?

"Incorporating the most effective iconic and cutting edge ingredients into the gentlest cosmeceutical skin care."

Tecniche™ Savvy Science products are the gentlest anti-age cosmeceutical products in the skincare industry, uniting the once-separate branches of cosmeceutical/anti-age and sensitive/healing.

Tecniche™ products are designed specifically for the short- and long-term care of sensitive skin. In the short-term, your skin will be comforted, softened and balanced. In the long-term, the gentle introduction of cosmeceutical-strength ingredients will strengthen and revitalize your skin for a beautiful future.



I've been using Taheebo Nail Balm faithfully for the past year and cannot say enough regarding how fantastic this product is not only for the nails, but also for the skin on my body.  I started using the balm on areas of my body where my skin was dry or irritated and noticed amazing, quick results regarding improvement in the quality and texture of my skin: the pore refinement was amazing, the irritation dissipated very quickly, the softness of my skin improved dramatically and the overall appearance was that of much younger looking skin - results I would have expected with a high quality anti-aging luxury skin care cream.  Thanks, Tecniche for providing me with this phenomenal product which has gone far beyond improving the health and appearance of my nails. 


I am a Cancer Survivor and was having a bad allergic reaction to one of my medications. The Dr.'s had me stop it and put me on a strong dose of antihistamines. I had a red, welty, itchy rash that was miserable… My esthetician recommended the Tecniche Plantae Powder.

The first time I put the Plantae Powder on I had such relief. The powder was so soothing. It stopped the itch and I could use it several times a day. I had been using different stuff for about 3 weeks with no relief. This felt so good and the itching was gone. It healed right up. I have sensitive skin and do get rash in different spots from time to time so I am getting more to keep on hand all the time. I would recommend it to every one.

Amy R.

I decided to try it the Plantae Foaming Wash as a shampoo after talking to a male friend.  I  have been using it ever since.  It's the best shampoo I've ever used and  I won't ever need to use anything else.  I've had sensitive skin and scalp my whole life and traditional shampoos were always challenging for me due to the chemicals and fragrances they contained.  Now, with the Plantae Foaming Face Wash as my shampoo I never have any issues with my scalp.  My hair is clean and it feels great to the touch, and I never have any flakes on my shoulders.  In addition, while shampooing in the shower it's easy to wash my face and neck at the same time, avoiding the need for separate products and it's very convenient to do so.  I also love the fact that it's unscented.  Thanks again Tecniche for making my day!

Phil C.

I like the Molecular Rice Mask so far . Clients say it feels cooling and refreshing.   It seems to absorb quickly and I haven't always removed it. I have used it various times in the facial and like it most as post microdermabrasion.  




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