Temporary Cosmetic Intolerance Syndrome

A skin condition that results from a sensitivity due to a likely a combination of factors, one being the over-application of topicals containing irritants, usually on a daily basis. Regular exfoliation using acids or manual means can disrupt or thin the skin barrier and allow for deeper penetration of these irritants, accelerating this process even more.


Intrinsic Face Lotion


Plantae Foaming Wash


DNA Care Natural SPF 30


Brilliant Eye Serum


Joy Mist


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Jojoba Polish


Plantae Powder


Restore Serum


Molecular Rice Mask

What Customers Say About These Products

A few years ago, I developed the symptoms of Rosacea. I tried many things and nothing really helped until I tried the Gentle Pore Cleanser with Salicylic Acid. I couldn't understand how this was going to help me, but I trusted my esti and low and behold it significanly reduced the redness on my cheeks and forehead. A few days ago I ran out of a lightening serum I was using, and again I was urged to try two Tecniche serums. I used the Restore and Supreme C Serums and they were the best I've ever - redness completely gone, skin light, bright and even... Thank You!!


Say I am very impressed with the plantae powder. It is simply amazing. I recently took my daughter to the dermatologist because of a rash that turned out to be peri oral dermatitis. He prescribed antibiotics that were to be applied topically in a gel form. This made my poor daughters skin flaming red, so I decided to apply the powder and to my surprise the redness faded quickly. I decided to just use the powder and not use the antibiotic gel and I am simply amazed, it is clearing her peri- oral dermatitis and quick!! Her skin looks great, I think I have told every esthetician I have come across!! 

Kirstin D.

The Molecular Rice Mask....is a winner....very nice and soothing no stinging  


I like the Molecular Rice Mask so far . Clients say it feels cooling and refreshing.   It seems to absorb quickly and I haven't always removed it. I have used it various times in the facial and like it most as post microdermabrasion.  


I liked the fact that the Molecular Rice Mask  was creamy but light, the blue color makes it look soothing and inviting.  It felt like the product was readily absorbed into the skin, almost leaving no residue, making it easy to remove.  Plus, it did not give me any type of sensitive reaction.  A winner all the way around!   


Although I have never been “officially” diagnosed with Rosacea, I am sure that I have it.  I cleansed my face with Foaming Plantae Wash, followed with Jojoba Polish.  I applied the Molecular Rice Mask with a brush, and was immediately  pleased by how cool it felt on my skin.  While it was on my skin I went in the shower and then removed it after 10 minutes in the shower.  The mask rinsed off easily and completely. My skin felt calmer and was soft and smooth.  I followed with Joy Mist, Restore and C  serums, Intrinsic Eye Serum and Intrinsic Moisturizer.  


I wanted to let you know that I received the samples over the weekend. Even though I figured these products would be too occlusive for my skin, I wanted to try them all just to get a feel for how they work and feel on the skin. I used the Plantae wash Sunday night, and I put the Restore serum on overnight (I usually can’t stand to have anything on my skin overnight, but this wasn’t bad at all). This morning, I cleansed with my usual cleanser, used the Joy spray (smells amazing), and used the Embryol moisturizer.


When I tell you that I am touching my face right now and am in complete disbelief – I am not being dramatic. I don’t know when the last time my skin felt of this texture – but it’s been long before I entered the skin care industry. There is literally NO roughness, no poor texture, my makeup went on absolutely beautifully – I am in awe.


I don’t have particularly bad skin, but I do have my challenges. As a low Fitzpatrick, I’m cursed with skin that likes to have redness behind the scenes – capillaries dilate easily, and I tend to be moderately oily (especially in warm months) but always battle dehydration and skin that likes to flake easily despite the oil. I don’t know what took place exactly in my face – but my makeup didn’t have to do nearly the work today.


Please send me over whatever forms you need to me to complete. I’m in! This is the line I’d like to provide for my oncology patients – and I believe it will also be suitable for a number of my other guests. I am impressed by your ingredient profile and have literally read over every single product information sheet and protocol page.


Thank you so very much, and I am thrilled to know I’ll soon be working with these products!




Starting last week I had a TERRIBLE eczema breakout-worst I've ever had, on my hands, arms, and groin and between my thighs.  It woke me up itching several nights in a row and the plantae wash wasn't really helping. So two mornings ago I started using the jojoba polish (which is what I initially used on my face for my eczema and it was awesome).  This is the 2nd time this little product has saved me from misery and I just feel like its a bit of an unsung hero. I am not an esthetician, but I've been experimenting with my skin and the results are unreal. Between it kicking my poison oak out several weeks ago, the initial face-save and now, I officially don't ever want to be without this product! 




Had a hairdresser friend of mine refer a client of hers that has lung cancer. Her skin has been breaking out in a rash, very itchy. Breaks out on the face, neck and chest.  There is even a section near her bra line.

Dermatologist gave her a bunch of samples to try and relieve the itching. She is currently on Tarceva.  Doctors have her on tetracycline and Veltingel


Not sure why a doctor would prescribe this???? This is used for acne!

She stopped the antiobiotic because it totally ripped her stomach apart.

The Veltingel burns and dried her face out. She tried it on her chest and totally broke out in hives.

So she came to me.  I gave her a sample of the Plantae Powder and Restore Serum.  She called me 2 days later and was sooo happy, her skin calmed down, not so itchy and she was amazed at how soft her skin felt. Doctor also told her to use Cetaphil soap.  So I just ordered her a full-size plantae powder, Restore Serum and Plantae Foaming wash.  Also put her on a good mineral sunscreen.



Living in the Valley of the Sun, I won't leave the house without DNA Protect Natural on my skin.  It has an SPF of 30 and after having skin cancer, I need special protection.  This product has a cool, healing effect and is so emollient that I love how my skin feels after applying it.  Thanks to Tecniche and Protect Natural, I can enjoy my convertible again.

Patti M


I have found the Plantae Powder to be very helpful in several different situations. One client due to Sjogren's disease has inflamed skin at each corner of her mouth. These areas stay red and somewhat 'raw' as she describes it. We made a paste with water and the Plantae Powder and she applies it before bed.  The next morning these areas look like normal skin with the redness and tenderness is completely gone.  This treatment seems to last 7-10 days.  We have also mixed the Plantae Powder with the Embryol Moisturizer and applied it at the corners of her mouth at night.  This seems to work a bit better because the cream holds the powder to the skin better. With the water mixture it dries and tends to flake off during the night.  When she is in a hurry she will dab on the powder with her foundation too.


The Plantae Powder is very calming to the skin at the corners of the nose after peels. Even though I stay back from these areas during treatment, some client's skin becomes sensitive anyway.  After the peel when I am applying  serums and moisturizer, as a final touch I dust on the plantae powder on the corners of the nose or other areas I know may be sensitive after peels. 

 I like the versatility of being able to use it several ways because of the powder base. I call it the my fairy dust because just a dab of it on a sensitive area for what ever reason seems to heal or calm it right down.

 For a client with acne, I have made a paste with Plantae Powder, Restore Serum and water.  I applied it on most of her face and asked her to leave it on overnight.  It relieves the irritation and redness and seem to speed up the healing time.


I am a Cancer Survivor and was having a bad allergic reaction to one of my medications. The Dr.'s had me stop it and put me on a strong dose of antihistamines. I had a red, welty, itchy rash that was miserable… My esthetician recommended the Tecniche Plantae Powder.

The first time I put the Plantae Powder on I had such relief. The powder was so soothing. It stopped the itch and I could use it several times a day. I had been using different stuff for about 3 weeks with no relief. This felt so good and the itching was gone. It healed right up. I have sensitive skin and do get rash in different spots from time to time so I am getting more to keep on hand all the time. I would recommend it to every one.

Amy R.

I decided to try it the Plantae Foaming Wash as a shampoo after talking to a male friend.  I  have been using it ever since.  It's the best shampoo I've ever used and  I won't ever need to use anything else.  I've had sensitive skin and scalp my whole life and traditional shampoos were always challenging for me due to the chemicals and fragrances they contained.  Now, with the Plantae Foaming Face Wash as my shampoo I never have any issues with my scalp.  My hair is clean and it feels great to the touch, and I never have any flakes on my shoulders.  In addition, while shampooing in the shower it's easy to wash my face and neck at the same time, avoiding the need for separate products and it's very convenient to do so.  I also love the fact that it's unscented.  Thanks again Tecniche for making my day!

Phil C.

I can never begin to adequately express my appreciation for your Tecniche products designed for health-challenged skin like mine! For over thirty years I have searched to find skin care that would simultaneously cleanse and hydrate my skin during on-going treatments for Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and most recently breast cancer. Tecniche is by far the best help that I’ve found. Your products are not only gentle but also provide the nourishment that my skin has needed for a very long time. Some of my favorites in your line are: Plantae Foaming Wash, Restore Serum, Embryol Cream and Joy Mist.  Taheebo Nail Balm has been especially helpful for my nails while on Chemotherapy. In closing, I must tell you that the best testimonial I can pass on comes from my Naturopathic Doctor who recently noted how much better my skin looks and feels now that I have been on your therapies. Thank you again for designing products which serve my specific needs so wonderfully.

Sue S

I used the Restore Serum on a deep skin abrasion located on my leg.  Within 10 days my epithelium was restored.


I love ALL of the Tecniche products!  My absolute favorite is the Joy Mist.  It amazingly relieves my skin by cooling it off and serves as a great 'pick me up' during the day ~ especially when I'm not feeling my best!  And, it makes my skin feel fabulous!

Patti M.

Just wanted to share with you the outcome of a client under my care who has been using Tecniche. I started him on  the Cleanser, Restore Serum, DNA Care and Embryol Moisture, He had a squamous cell on his face and was being treated with a topical crème. When he started using the Restore Serum together with the Embryol cream,the results were amazing. It healed faster and the Oncologist was impressed and wanted to know what he was using. He is also going thru radiation therapy for a cancer near his jugular vein. He is 80 old. He feels these products are helping him maintain the integrity of his skin and also they make him feel better. I am happy that he is experiencing wonderful results. Keep up the great work!

Liz T

The Plantae Foaming Wash and Jojoba Polish are awesome. They leave the skin feeling fresh, moist and smooth.

Carol T

I love the JOY Mist for so many reasons but as a Parkinson's patient it's fantastic for me. Medications make me drowsy and are very drying to my skin.  So, after a few spritzs I'm refreshed and my skin is hydrated.  Love this product!! 

Patti M

My skin feels softer, less dry and I believe my pores have gotten a bit smaller. As a matter of fact, I've felt more comfortable going without makeup lately because I feel like my skin just looks better.  Thank you for the Joy Mist.

Angela K

I love the Brilliant Eye Serum.  It has really helped minimize the fine lines around my eyes and lips.

Candi S

Wonderful --Brilliant Eye Serum for night and lip gloss during the day!

Lynn C

I have a very minor isolated case, thank goodness!  I have little red bumps on my side and they itch like crazy.  For the first two weeks the area affected was sensitive to touch but did not hurt.  I have been using the Plantae Powder since I was diagnosed on Monday and it does relieve the itch for a while.  So far I do like the Plantae Powder and feel that it helps me more than the 1% Hydrocortisone Cream I have from Walgreens.  I will keep you posted! !  Also, since I started using the powder it has not spread.  The bumps seem to be healing and have not scabbed like the others before I started using the powder.  I am grateful the formula exists.

Kim M

With my face so sore and painful from my rosacea breakout, I was able to use the Plantae Foaming Wash  but mostly, the Plantae Powder covered the red and most people hardly noticed my condition! Thanks so much!


I felt very self-conscious about going back to work with Shingles blisters on my face. The Plantae Powder soothed, and helped dry the blisters, and most importantly helped to conceal them. I think it may have helped speed up my recovery by reducing my desire to scratch the blisters as well as my stress about their unsightliness.


I was given a small sample of Tecniche products.  The Plantae Foaming Wash and Jojoba Polish are awesome.  They leave the skin feeling fresh, moist and smooth. The next step was using the Tecniche Restore Serum and Embryol Moisture. I love the way it goes on the skin and it was very hydrating.

Corel T




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