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What is Savvy Science?

"Incorporating the most effective iconic and cutting edge ingredients into the gentlest cosmeceutical skin care."

Tecniche™ Savvy Science products are the gentlest anti-age cosmeceutical products in the skincare industry, uniting the once-separate branches of cosmeceutical/anti-age and sensitive/healing.

Tecniche™ products are designed specifically for the short- and long-term care of sensitive skin. In the short-term, your skin will be comforted, softened and balanced. In the long-term, the gentle introduction of cosmeceutical-strength ingredients will strengthen and revitalize your skin for a beautiful future.



I have been using the BeeDazzle Mask for several months now with great results. All my clients have noticed skin lightening, reduced wrinkles as well as reduced pore size. I have noticed much greater hydration in addition to the above. I am seeing the greatest difference in Fitz 3, 4 and 5. I love that I can use it with no down time as the in between peel for my tougher acne customers. Back treatments are really easy and I am finding the scaring is reducing quickly.

Thank you, Paige! We’re excited for others to experience the same results.

Paige C.

I've been using the Taheebo Balm faithfully for the past year and cannot say enough regarding how fantastic it is, not only for my nails but also for my skin.  I started using the balm on areas of my body where my skin was dry or irritated and noticed amazing, quick results regarding improvement in the quality and texture of my skin.  The pore refinement was amazing, irritation dissipated very quickly, the softness of my skin improved dramatically and the overall appearance was that of much younger-looking skin.  Thanks, Tecniche, for providing me with this phenomenal product, which has gone far beyond improving the health and appearance of my nails.

Thank you, Phil, for your faith in what we do.


I love ALL of the Tecniche products!  My absolute favorite is the Joy Mist, which amazingly cools and relieves my skin.  It also serves as a great pick-me-up during the day, especially when I'm not feeling my best!  My skin feels fabulous!

Thank you, for your fabulous testimonial, Patti! I’m glad we could help your skin with Joy Mist.

Patti M.

I really have enjoyed Tecniche Products.  As a nurse and a cancer survivor I have found them to be very soothing and gentle on my skin.  They don't contain ingredients used in other skin care products that would cause irritation, particularly with the sensitive skin of cancer patients.  I also found the products to be moisturizing without being greasy or sticky; they left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed.  Many thanks for this lovely line of products.  They meet the needs of the difficult skin issues that cancer patients are often faced with.  It’s great to have such a caring company doing great work.

Thank you, Judy! We set out to make products that help solve difficult skin issues and we are so grateful that our passion is helping others.

Judy C. RN

Your Taheebo Balm has been especially helpful for my nails while in chemotherapy.

Best of luck with your treatments, Sue!

Sue S.



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