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I have been very impressed with the Acme A Serum.  Without
irritation it has caused some great exfoliation and resurfacing.


Laurel D

I have a client in her early 60's experiencing hair loss. She likes the consistency.  She has short hair and she finds it easy to apply to her scalp.  She is noticing less hair loss when she showers or brushes through her hair. 


I am 50 with thinning hair in my part and hairline.  I like the consistency.  Noticing some short hair in the hairline and the part does seem to be filling in a bit.  


A few years ago, I developed the symptoms of Rosacea. I tried many things and nothing really helped until I tried the Gentle Pore Cleanser with Salicylic Acid. I couldn't understand how this was going to help me, but I trusted my esti and low and behold it significanly reduced the redness on my cheeks and forehead. A few days ago I ran out of a lightening serum I was using, and again I was urged to try two Tecniche serums. I used the Restore and Supreme C Serums and they were the best I've ever - redness completely gone, skin light, bright and even... Thank You!!


I have a client who  has eczema on her scalp.  She thinks it is making some improvement in her scalp.  It is less irritated.  She likes that it doesn't make her hair greasy. 


The Acme A Serum ROCKS!


I never had a thick head of hair but now that I am 69 I find it thinning out more especially on the front top section, so... I was looking forward to trying the S1 Serum. And I am so glad that I did because it appears to be helping. I am noticing what appears to be new growth -- which is thrilling, however one of the additional benefits is that when I massage it into the scalp and the roots of my hair, it gives more body at the roots. I massage it in every morning before styling my hair and it makes my hair appear fuller. Love it!

S.A., Studio City, CA


I had very dry, peeling, and rough skin surrounding by fingernails.  I tried to remedy this problem by wearing gloves with petroleum jelly slathered on my fingers.  The I tried using a prescription ointment.  Neither of these two things worked.

Then I decided to try Taheebo Balm on my fingers and voila, 2-3 days later my fingers were perfectly healed and soft again.  Being a esthetician, obviously it is very important that I be able to use my hands during treatments, without it being uncomfortable or off-putting for my clients.  And now I can!

Marsha P.

Say I am very impressed with the plantae powder. It is simply amazing. I recently took my daughter to the dermatologist because of a rash that turned out to be peri oral dermatitis. He prescribed antibiotics that were to be applied topically in a gel form. This made my poor daughters skin flaming red, so I decided to apply the powder and to my surprise the redness faded quickly. I decided to just use the powder and not use the antibiotic gel and I am simply amazed, it is clearing her peri- oral dermatitis and quick!! Her skin looks great, I think I have told every esthetician I have come across!! 

Kirstin D.

The Molecular Rice a winner....very nice and soothing no stinging  


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