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I have been using the BeeDazzle Mask for several months now with great results. All my clients have noticed skin lightening, reduced wrinkles as well as reduced pore size. I have noticed much greater hydration in addition to the above. I am seeing the greatest difference in Fitz 3, 4 and 5. I love that I can use it with no down time as the in between peel for my tougher acne customers. Back treatments are really easy and I am finding the scaring is reducing quickly.

Thank you, Paige! We’re excited for others to experience the same results.

Paige C.

The BeeDazzle Mask is the perfect addition in the treatment room. I love using it before a diamond tip microderm for clients that need a boost in exfoliation. This mask is super easy to apply and gives great results in a single treatment or series with no down time for the client.

We agree, Linda…no fuss and no muss, but with great results!

Linda D.

After years of battling a form of OCD called “compulsive skin picking”, my skin has acquired some scarring and near-permanent redness in some spots.  My usual powder makeup doesn’t do a good job of concealing the redness, but Plantae Powder does an amazing job of color correcting.  I apply Plantae Powder first with a makeup brush to even my tone, then layer my other powders over it – works great every time!! 

I’m proudly 99% recovered from the behavior, but sometimes I have a tiny relapse.  When I do, Plantae Powder calms redness, inflammation and pain better than anything else I’ve ever used.  What a lifesaver!

We are honored you find such relief from our product while overcoming your challenge – congrats and stay strong! 


Yes – the BeeDazzle Mask is dazzling!  It's so wonderful to have a Professional exfoliant treatment that yields visible results, yet is gentle enough for very sensitive skin.  My client's skin is remarkably smooth to the touch and is truly glowing after one use of the BeeDazzle Mask.  I have confidence as an esthetician while using it, knowing that it will not harm the skin by being too aggressive or irritating.  Thank you for making such an amazing Professional treatment, Tecniche! 

And thank YOU, Cindy, for the amazing compliment!  This is why we do what we do.

Cindy M.

The Acme A Serum exfoliated and resurfaced my skin without any of the irritation I have experienced with other product brands. Very impressed!

Laurel, we’re so pleased that you are impressed!

Laurel D.

My skin felt amazing right after my treatment with BeeDazzle Mask and has continued to feel that way since its treatment.  My skin felt plumped and healthy.  As a person with oily skin, my pores have always been an issue for me.  The treatment dramatically reduced the appearance of my pores.  I would definitely have the Beedazzle Mask treatment again.

Thank you, Joan! We know reducing the appearance of pores can be tricky…glad BeeDazzle Mask could help.

Joan F.

I have had the BeeDazzle Mask used on me several time’s now and I have to say it is quickly becoming my favorite mask. My skin feels tighter and brighter every time it is used. I don’t get the dry feeling like I usually do with peels but get all the benefits. If you haven’t done the BeeDazzled yet, you should.

We enjoy the tighter and brighter benefits, too, Jerry! Thank you.

Jerry D.

I like the versatility of the Plantae Powder because of its powder base.  I call it my “fairy dust” because you can just dab it on a sensitive area and it seems to heal the skin, calm down redness, and speed up healing time.

We agree, Jen…‘Versatility’ is definitely the name of the game with our busy lives!


I love the BeeDazzle Mask. I am getting great results with pigmentation and pore size.

This is such great news!  


Recently I used the BeeDazzle Mask on a client who normally gets glycolic peels every few months.  Her skin looked smooth and polished after, and she said the BeeDazzle Mask did not have the same harshness or burning that the glycolic peels do.  I have a few clients who would benefit, and will definitely recommend it.   

Thank you for sharing this dazzling update!

Tracy L.
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