Meet Team Tecniche™
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Kris Campbell

Kris Campbell, the CEO of Tecniche™, is an esthetician who is has worked for an FDA Cosmeceutical Lab and is passionate about helping individuals who have Health-Challenged and Sensitive Skins. Kris is enthusiastic about Training, Speaking and Writing on Heath-Challenged (including Oncology) Esthetics as well as Product Development.

Sherri Alpert

Sherri Alpert has a key role with Tecniche™ via her investment in Skintinuum, the distributor of the Tecniche™ brand.

Sherri's experience stems from her work with a cosmeceutical manufacturer for 15 years before departing to develop Skintinuum.

Shan Albert

Shan Albert has extensive experience both as an esthetician and as Director of Product Development for several cosmeceutical and medical skin care brands, which have helped her become an industry leader.

Upon being stricken with shingles and suffering from the disease's painful symptoms, Shan teamed up with Tecniche™ to develop Plantae Powder, which helped her recover from shingles, and has helped many others calm sensitive skin.

Shan continues to lend her expertise to Tecniche so that she may help others find relief from health-related skin challenges.

Morag Currin

Morag Currin, LA, CMLT, is president of Touch for Cancer and author of "Oncology Esthetics: A Practitioner's Guide". She is a highly respected esthetic educator with more than 16 years experience. She is also the author Esthetician's Handbook of Health-Challenged Skin.

Recognizing the lack of specialized care for people undergoing cancer therapies, she pioneered oncology esthetics and set in motion a certification program for licensed estheticians.

Morag Currin has an ongoing role with Tecniche™ as a consultant on products, treatment protocols, and education for not only cancer but all health challenges.